Nursery Planning for Baby Girl

With 3 months to go until we meet our baby girl, I am (very excitedly) prepping and planning her nursery. We are likely going to keep her in our room for some time (and not complete her room for a bit), so I purchased this changing table from Serena & Lily that we are housing in our master bedroom. That way, I can keep her essentials nearby until she has her own room. I added these darling beachcomber baskets to keep folded clothes, diapers and other essentials on the shelves. Of course, staying true to my beloved blue and white, I bought this Serena & Lily coastal toile crib sheet that I am using as my main point of inspiration for the room. I’m planning on having it made into a changing pad cover as well as keeping it for her crib sheet. It also comes in this darling wall paper! We are big fans of jellycat stuffed animals over here, so I purchased this darling white bunny that Henry is gifting to his baby sister upon her arrival. Next up is to order a chair for her nursery– I’m likely going to get a white slipcovered chair and order a monogrammed pillow for it. You can view some of my favorite ones- which I have found to be very reasonably priced- in my Etsy Favorites Shop. These also make the sweetest gifts!

Hope this brings you some inspiration! xo

Easter Gifts for the Littles

Easter is not cancelled! While it’s looking like we will all be staying at home with our families this year, it’s still a holiday I will always love to celebrate. I think it’s such a sweet day for kids– besides the obvious (and incredible) celebration of new life, I can’t get enough of the darling pastel outfits, excitement of an egg hunt and a basket filled with goodies for when the kiddos wake up.

Here are some of my favorite finds for your little bunnies this year:

1. Lake pajamas will always be a favorite for myself and I love this short set and this long set for kids.
2. A darling bow Easter basket (plus one for your little boy)
3. I love this Yeti tumblr so your little can match mom and dad.
4. Petite Plume always wins for sweetest nighttime dressing– I love this nightgown with this bunny eye mask.
5. Get set for spring swimming with this darling suit for your little girl. I also love this pattern!
6. A classic bow for the season.
7. My favorite shoes for spring and summer.
8. A matching minnow suit for your little boy.
9. Your little one can never have too many stuffed animals and this bunny is so sweet for the holiday. Pick this bunny rattle for your extra little one.
10. A sweet tea set for your little girl.
11. The cutest bike for spring and summer– and you could fill that darling basket with other goodies or flowers.
12. A sweet straw luggy basket or this darling strolley for weekends at the market, dolls or pretend play (plus darling for storage and to use as their Easter basket!)
13. Plus this picnic basket for warm summer lunches outside.
14. A true classic and keepsake– all 23 original tales of Peter Rabbit.
15. I love these wooden block sets for learning numbers and letters.
16. A darling Peter Rabbit cakelet pan to bake a sweet treat together.

Happy Spring!

New Mama Care Package

A friend of mine recently asked me for ideas for a care package she was putting together for her friend who just had a baby. I thought this would be a great thing to write down so that I can easily share with friends and family. When I had my son, a friend dropped off some food from a local grocer– I can still taste the fresh house made almond butter and granola to this day. Honestly, I think food might be at the top of the list! At least for me, I was exceptionally hungry and cooking was the last thing I wanted to do. (newborn snuggles, hello!) But, the options are endless when it comes to pampering a new mom.

The First Forty Days Cookbook (plus, bring a dish or two from the book!)
• A basket of local goodies– fruits, nut butter, oatmeal cookies, granola, fresh coffee beans
• A new candle with a light, fresh scent (my current personal favorite)
• Fresh flowers for her bedside
• A big water bottle (especially if nursing, she will be THIRSTY)
• New pajamas or robe (consider nursing friendly)
• Bubble bath, nail polish, magazines… she will need pampering!
• A luxurious body lotion that she perhaps won’t buy herself
• Some postpartum essentials (unless you think she has this covered) like earth mama spray and nipple cream
• A comfortable lounge shirt (I love this one that happens to be very nursing friendly)
• A little something sweet for baby! As much as mom wants to be pampered, she definitely will always love gifts for her newborn!

baby book
baby book

Baby Girl Coming Soon

I am so excited to announce that my family is growing! We are expecting a baby girl this summer and couldn’t feel more grateful. This pregnancy has been much different than my last one with my son. A whole lot more nausea that has lingered well into my second trimester and I still haven’t turned a big corner with my energy levels (perhaps because I’m chasing a toddler all day?!) Either way, it’s all so, so worth it.

I’m excited to share my favorite baby girl clothes and products in the coming months!

Easter Basket for Baby

It’s Henry’s first Easter and I’m so excited to have his first Easter basket complete. Although he’s a little too young to fully understand, I still wanted to start the tradition and am looking forward to having him “open” it on Easter morning. I stuffed it with books and toys and am linking some of my favorite gift ideas for your little ones here!

piggy bank

Hospital Bag



I admittedly was not the best at packing my bag for our hospital stay because we live two blocks away and I figured I could send my husband home for anything we needed. Once we were there, though, I realized you really do not need a lot! The only thing I didn’t pack that I wish I had (or that I had my husband go get) was my own sleeping pillow and a bath towel. For the most part, using the items provided by the hospital was much easier. Here’s what I had in my bag:

• Pajamas & robe: Lake pajamas are my favorite and they have a maternity line!
• Slippers: for walking around your room and the hallways
• Camera and charger
• Phone charger
• Toiletries: Other than the essentials, I brought face and underarm wipes for ease and this toner spray that I love!
• Hair dryer
• Bath towel: You can certainly use the hospital provided ones, but I thought it was nice to have my own plush bath towel!
• Flip flops for the shower
• Sleeping pillows: Again, the hospital provided ones are just fine. I used some of them, but it was nice to have one really good pillow to sleep on
• Blankets for husband: He will appreciate having some nice, cozy blankets on his uncomfortable bed! 😉
• Snacks: I brought coconut waters and homemade trail mix with nuts, dried fruit and some dark chocolate
• Onesies for baby: If you want your babe in non-hospital wear! *think: photos*
• Going home outfit for both you and the baby
• Receiving blanket(s)
• Car seat: Make sure it’s installed in your car!

Things I didn’t need (because using what the hospital provided was a whole lot easier!): diapers & wipes for baby (unless you feel strongly about using a certain brand), nursing pillow, belly wrap, undies, pads

Other items to consider: heating pad, Tucks wipes, Earth Mama spray, extension cord (so your phone can reach you in bed while charging), baby nail file, laptop and charger, night light (the lights in the room are really bright, so it would be nice to have something softer at night)



Favorite Baby Gifts



When buying a baby shower gift, you’re likely choosing something off a registry that is full of essentials. I’d typically recommend to always stick with the registry, but occasionally it’s nice to surprise with something a little more special. Additionally, if the gift is given outside of the shower I think going off-registry is even more acceptable. Below are some of my go-to thoughtful gift ideas for baby (and mom!)

Baby Book
– I absolutely love the baby book I received from Sugar Paper. It has Henry’s initials embossed in gold on the cover and the inside is very beautifully designed. I love the contents of the pages, too! About half of it is for pregnancy and birth, and the second half takes you through highlights of months 1-12.

Monogrammed Bath Towel
– makes bath time extra special! Etsy is a great source for monogramming if you don’t have a local spot.

– This one is obvious, but receiving blankets are so important! We use them every day, so having some nice, cozy ones are a treat. I love the ones I have from Little Giraffe, Ralph Lauren and Kissy Kissy.

Tiffany Piggy Bank
– A sweet way to teach baby how to save their pennies (And it looks nice in their nursery!)

 – A newborn can never have too many cozy onesies. My absolute favorite are Kissy Kissy because they are incredibly soft and have the sweetest designs.

Solly Baby Wrap 
These wraps make for a stylish way to keep baby close to you (and often way more convenient than a stroller).

Monogrammed Pillow 
– I love the idea of monogrammed anything, but a little pillow is especially a great, long-lasting gift. Again, Etsy is a great source for monogrammed gifts if you don’t have a local spot.

Lands End Canvas Tote
– These canvas totes are my favorite casual bag (again, monogrammed!) Get a smaller one for daily use, or the large for a suitcase. I used the XL for my hospital bag, and now for a weekend suitcase.

The World of Peter Rabbit 
– A classic! The full set (tales 1-23) which are housed in a box set make for an unexpected, yet special gift.

Pajamas/Robe for Mom
– if you’re especially close with the new mom, I love the idea of gifting cozy pajamas. She will be living in them for a few months after the baby is born! Currently, my favorite are Lake Pajamas.


wooden blocks
piggy bank
RL baby blanket
Peter rabbit
baby book
jellycat whale
Hayden lasher tote
striped footie
cotton pajamas
Canvas Tote









I had so much fun putting Henry’s nursery together. I wanted a look that wasn’t too babyish so that we could make some of the pieces last through his “big boy” room. We went Ralph Lauren nautical  – a look that will probably last with him for a while (hope ya like it, Henry!) My favorite piece is the antique pine bench. My mom bought it over 25 years ago – it got a lot of love in my childhood home and then “visited” our family friends house in Napa for the past 15 or so years. Now, it fits perfectly into Henry’s nursery and is serving as a little bookshelf.









I wish you more
jellycat whale
wool jute rug
anchor dish
seagrass baskets
leather chair
grasscloth wallpaper
Hayden lasher tote
crib sheet
striped footie
RL flag pillow
Canvas Tote










Henry James



On Saturday, July 21 at 5:04 pm, my husband and I welcomed Henry James Pollet into our family.

We’re all happy, healthy and completely in love!







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